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The Caravanserai||Public speaking workshop in Perugia

Want to improve your English public speaking skills? Stop at the caravanserai!


"A caravanserai (/kærəˈvænsəri/) was a roadside inn where travelers (Caravaners) could rest and recover from the day's journey. Caravanserais supported the flow of commerce, information, and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa, and southeastern Europe, especially along the Silk Road". (source: Wikipedia)

Why? The major goal of the Caravanserai: improving participants’ public speaking skills.

A small group of professionals (3-6 people) led by an experienced communicator (AngeloFanelli) will work on:

a) “testing” each participant’s communication and public speaking skills directly within the group;

b) identifying strengths and weaknesses of one’s actual communication style and ways of improving;

c) reflecting in a safe and supportive environment on potential improvements within each participant’s style;

d) understanding, from a science-based perspective, why and how changes in one’s communication style are possible.


What? Careful homework to achieve great improvisation From the simple “elevator talk” to a “plain-vanilla presentation”, to more structured impromptu speeches, the impression of a great improvised speech comes from careful homework: preparing – and testing! – in advance several communication modules at increasing levels of complexity.


The Caravanserai is organized on a bottom-up (experiential) basis.


Within each session, participants present to the group a topic from their direct professional experience. The small-group context (3-6 people) allows each participant to safely engage the audience in Q&A sessions. With the support of Angelo Fanelli’s theoretical and professional background, presentations and feedback elements are integrated into a series of concluding considerations geared towards improving the effectiveness of each participant’s presentation.



The Caravanserai puts together entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, etc. already possessing a basic-to-intermediate level of English and several years of experience in their jobs. Thus, interactions start at a high level of detail and understanding, thereby increasing their opportunities to expand their presentation and communication skills in English on topics concerning their jobs, as well as to integrate learnings from other professions.

Two sessions per month

(Sat afternoon)

Each session lasts for 3 hours.

Sessions are held bi-monthly, on Saturday afternoons (alternative arrangements are possible) so participants have ample time to expand on their presentations, as well as develop more complex communication modules over time.

Where? Training room in Perugia with all the standard audio-visual tools.
How Much? The cost for each month (two, 3-hour sessions) is 90€

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